Small Dogs, Big Personalities


There are many oxymorons on the planet: jumbo shrimp, accurate estimate, even odds, a little pregnant, and then there is Presley, the Chihuahua. Presley is just one of several tiny dogs that contradict their diminutive stature with their HUGE personalities. Who understands why small dogs such as Presley game such enormous personalities - perhaps it's the doggie version of a Napoleon complex. Maybe it's his way of trying to find his location in a pack that he sees as far larger than himself. Or maybe, you can write it off as being one of Nature's mysteries, or God's "cosmic sense of humor." The purpose is, a dog like Presley is proud, quirky and complicated to train - and that causes problems.

Toy breeds such as Maltese, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Dachshunds and others can be quite a handful when it comes to training. Why is this, and how can you handle it that your dog does not get spoiled? Presley, and other tiny dogs like him, are usually viewed as prissy and bad-tempered. This, sometimes, is simply because they're not trained trained correctly. This is not fair to Presley, to his little dog compadres, to you, or to others who might be discouraged from buying a small dog due to a bad experience. You would not want other people to miss out on the opportunity to let such a big, loving personality in their lives, just because your dog isn't trained correctly, would you? Additionally, you do not wish to find yourself in a situation like Presley's before you understand the importance of training.

Presley's Big Problem

Precisely what is Presley's situation? Well, Presley resides in a friendly neighborhood, and so among the little neighbor boys came over to play with Presley, who had been tied up in the yard. When the boy picked up him, Presley nipped the boy hand, and even drew blood. The boy's parents agreed that it was partly the boy's fault, because he approached Presley and picked up him without asking, however, Presley's owners were bemused. This was one of a few warning signals that Presley was peeing in the house, barking uncontrollably, and today nipping. They had always let Presley do anything he wanted, they never felt right about swatting him on the nose locating suitable approaches to fix his behavior when he was so modest, and they had been paying for it. Presley began an intense training regime right after the event and learned a lot of discipline from being walked on a leash everyday.

Where to Do His Business

To instruct Presley, or some little pooch where to do his organization, attempt to take him into the same place in the lawn each time when you take him out. Be certain to walk him up down and all around that spot each time till he discovers a place he deems suitable, and don't become impatient. If he learns that spot is his place, he will be happy to mark all over it.

When he pees or poops in the house, clean it up right away, and especially make sure that you neutralize the smell - white vinegar works nicely for this. Little dogs frequently perform their business in the home to mark their land. Because they are small, they are not as able to defend their land, so that they are much more vigilant about maintaining it marked. Eliminating Presley's scent - and feel that if little dogs have big personalities, they have a big smell to go along with it will instruct him that it is not his territory to mark. Spraying some of your cologne or perfume in the area may help him understand that it's yours.

When To Do His Business

Small dogs have little bladders. Presley may be peeing or pooping in the home because he isn't getting out frequently enough. Try to take him out regularly - once ever 1 1/2 hours so - so that he knows his potty demands will be fulfilled. Many dogs with nervous temperaments are actually nervous due to the fear that their needs will not be met - food, pott, and differently. You will find your dog's mood enhanced by this assurance.

Have pee pads offered in the house for emergencies, and benefit Presley for utilizing them. Small dogs are smart, no joke. If you are considering attempting to teach Presley a sign to give if he wants to go out - he can be educated to wait at the door and bark, or even ring a bell when he needs to go outdoors.


Little dogs are going to chew. This is how they wash their teeth and entertain themselves. You can not control if they chew, but rather what they chew. Make treats and toys readily available for them, and make certain that these toys do not resemble anything you do not want them to chew. In case you have kids with stuffed toys - don't give them stuffed chew toys. Do not give them chew toys shaped like shoes or people food. Raw hides, deer antlers, ropes and squeaky balls are good options to make sure no confusion. You can not get angry in Presley for mixing a toy up shoe and a actual shoe.


Nipping is unacceptable. Period. A light swat on the nose is enough punishment for it. If you are not comfortable with this, when Presley nips, pick him up, and put him gently on his back on the floor. Nipping is a display of dominance and placing him in a submissive position reaffirms your place as pack leader. However cautious, this takes practice. The idea isn't to hurt him but show him despite what he's been led to think he is not the boss. Firmly state, "No." And maintain his mouth shut for a moment with your palms. Nipping is never okay.

Don't play games with Presley that teach him that he's sometimes okay, because he is not very likely to learn the difference.


Barking is continuous struggle with any dog, but especially with a little dog. They are among those canines for that the adage, "A dog's bark is worse than his bite" is accurate. Small dogs are territorial and defensive, however much of the ability to frighten away anything is within their bark. Therefore, it is going to be a constant battle to discourage this behavior. There is no 1 right answer, as every dog reacts differently to different coaching. Don't use shock collars little dogs. They bark when they are alarmed, and thus, when they get shocked they will bark get shocked more. Shock collars are quite cruel to them for this reason and are highly controversial. This author is not convinced that the end justifies the means.

Puppy School

If you are having trouble teaching your pup on your own, or perhaps you don't have too much time as you'd like, look into signing your dog up for puppy college or training courses. This can be helpful not only because you've got a professional instructor to assist you once you get stuck, but also your dog learns good habits for his interaction with other dogs.

So, at the close of the afternoon, coaching a little dog in a way that meshes with his huge personality can be difficult, but it is vital for that personality to be "put on a leash" as it were. Small dogs are seen in a negative light when they aren't trained properly, and it's just not fair. For one, imagine when a big dog nipped a little kid like Presley did. Chances are, the dog might be in big trouble, possibly even put down. Letting a small dog get away with things because he is little is tempting, since general, there's very little damage he could do, however your small puppy will inflate the erroneous parts of his huge personality if you don't train him properly. You do not want to be left with a spoiled, unfriendly dog, and no one to blame but yourself.