Hi Visibility Dog Products


For most pet owners their pet is frequently their best friend. A loyal and true companion, your puppy is from your side through thick and thin and it is only fitting that you look after him with the identical attention by purchasing dog accessories and products from a good company like Yippr that will help protect him. Right now there are quite a few high visibility dog collars and pet blinkers available that can make your pet clearly visible at night to drivers, bikers and joggers. If your puppy does not have some high visibility colours on his body it can be quite difficult to find him, particularly at nighttime, and if you would like to prevent an unpleasant accident consider outfitting your buddy with pet collars and pet blinkers that will clearly mark your dog where he is.

The most well-mannered dogs can capture a peek of a cat or Shrimp and make a rush for this. If you just happen to be walking your dog at nighttime when he suddenly spots something that interests him he can be gone before you know it. If he isn't wearing any gear that will tip off people to his presence an accident is waiting to happen. When you utilize battery-powered dog security items such as Yippr LED dog collars and LED pet leashes you give your puppy a clear sign to drivers and other pedestrians that your dog is in the area so proceed with care.

Visiglo are a new dog collars produced by Flipo that contain high capability 3V lithium ion batteries. After the collar is worn out a shiny strip of laser cut EL panels light up to make your dog more visible in low lit areas. The collars are made from high thread count woven nylon that make it even more comfy for your do to use and simpler for a owner to grab hold of. Though these high visibility dog collars are water resistant it isn't waterproof so do not let your dogs go swimming with this collar on. Yippr lighted collars are best for walking your dog at nighttime time on a leash or when you allow him run loose. Even in a park you will find dangers you want to be skeptical of these as joggers, pedestrians and bikers along with with a high visibility lighted collar everybody will understand your dog is around and can take the necessary step to avoid an crash.

In addition to lighted dog collars you could also discover what are known as pet blinkers that are small blinking lights that attach easily to your dog collar and supply a fantastic visibility tool which will keep your dog safe. Employing multi-color LED's, pet blinkers can be seen up to a mile away so drivers and bikers have loads of time to slow down or adapt their course so they prevent coming into contact with your dog. Pet blinkers come in a great assortment of LED colors including yellow, jade, blue and red to offer better protection to the dog a night. If you would like to keep your pet super safe, attach a high quality pet blinker to his dog collar and also feel better when taking your friend out during the night for a stroll.